Monday HW: do Big book page 583; study

Tuesday HW: study
Wednesday HW: no homework tonight due to test today
Thursday HW: wb 15


Tuesday HW: wb 16
Wednesday HW: wb 17
Thursday HW: wb 18


Tuesday HW: wb 19
Wednesday HW:wb 21 (we did 20 in class)
Thursday HW: wb 22


Monday HW: fall ditto
Tuesday HW: wb 23
Wednesday HW: wb 24
Thursday HW: wb 25

Monday HW: ditto
Tuesday HW: NO HOMEWORK, Happy Halloween!
Wednesday: ditto
Thursday: wb 27

Monday HW: wb 28
Tuesday HW: wb 29
Wednesday HW: wb 30
Thursday HW: big book page 92 (in folder) and sign the other side please and return to school

Monday HW:  study for assessment tomorrow
Tuesday HW: none for tonight (test was today!)
Wednesday HW: wb 31

Monday HW: wb 33
Tuesday HW: wb 34
Wednesday HW: Happy Thanksgiving!!!


posted Sep 29, 2017, 9:41 AM by Michele Donovan   [ updated Nov 9, 2017, 10:56 AM ]

Chapter 2 Assessment will be on Tuesday, 11/14. Please study and review with your child.

Chapter 1 assessment will be on Wednesday, 10/4. Please study and review the chapter facts and skills. Workbook is being sent home over the weekend and the big book next week.

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